Learn how to use your computer
for dynamic presentations, multi-media,
print, and the Web.
A definite "must know" to be a member of today's business world.

Why? Because computer graphics-the next revolution-is here. High-powered, low-priced computers, powerful software, digital cameras, desktop scanners, inexpensive high resolution printers, and direct digital printing have all combined to put a new kind of power right into your lap (or laptop).

Color is now affordable, instantly createable, and it's easy to do!

How? Simple!
Harry Waldman
in association with
Nadine Pellegrino Executive Communications
shows you how to master the concepts inherent in the world of computer color graphics.
Once you know the concepts you can master the programs the right way —
faster, easier, and with confidence.
You should be.
This fast moving and exciting new world
is here now and it is the future — your future.
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