Computer Color Graphics
A definite "must know" to be a member of today's business world.

This program can help you:
  • make presentations that will drive home your agenda with graphics that will have a uniquely absorbing impact.
  • create and print color brochures, posters, flyers, mailers, and more.
  • understand and use the power of the Internet — today's most exciting media.
  • have more command of your marketing budget, as you will know how to get the best for so much less.
  • dramatically increase marketing and promotional alternatives, as you will have a whole new perspective.
  • do more, better, for less-because you can.
  • make your correspondence and communications special.
  • have fun, as there is no joy like being an integral part of dynamic communications.

You will learn these critical concepts you must know.
Most important there is no need to be a technical expert.

  •  Vectors and rasters (don't be frightened it isn't that hard)
  • Color—on-screen, print, separations, CMYK, RGB, gamuts
  • File types, file sizes, and what this means to you
  • Typography, fonts, and PostScript
  • The differences between presentation programs, page layout programs, illustration programs, pixel editing programs, Web authoring programs and how they interrelate
  • Clip art and a world of available and easily modifiable graphics
  • Acrobat and the PDF revolution
  • Handouts, transparencies, and VGA, SVGA, and XVGA projectors
  • The hardware available to you to do all this
  • A RIP which is soon coming to your company
  • The Web and the Internet
  • Where to get help

Participants receive comprehensive custom training manuals.
This program is customized to fit corporate and participant needs.

Computer Color Graphics was designed and developed by
Harry Waldman
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