Harry's history 
In the 60's 
Harry graduated Temple University and started his career working in account management for two major New York advertising agencies, S.S.C.&B and then Foote, Cone and Belding. In fact, if your memory can reach back to the late 60's, you should be familiar with tie-dye. Harry helped to make tie-dye a national fad while working on Rit Fabric Dye.
In the 70's 
Harry left New York and advertising to build a large commercial printing firm that was an early pioneer in electronic pre-press. Harry and his company, Waldman Graphics, were well known for quality and cutting edge technology.
In the 80's
Waldman Graphics grew to be one of the premier printers in the Philadelphia-New York City-New Jersey area. As an industry leader, the company was a test site for many top software and electronic imaging companies. In fact, much of what eventually emerged into today's electronic imaging and pre-press was first used and tested at Waldman Graphics.
In the 90's 
the legacy of Waldman Graphics is now CRWGRAPHICS, a division of Hippographics which is a $70 million dollar printing conglomerate with plants in four states. Harry is working with Hippographics on an innovative new Web project that will be on-line by early 2000.
Along the way 
Harry has been on many advisory boards and received numerous honors for his contributions. This includes man of the year twice by two different industry groups, and induction into Printing Industries of America's honor society. Included among the many positions he has held are Chairman of the Board of the Graphic Arts Association, and the board of directors of The University of The Arts. There's more, but his favorite story is about the day The City of Assisi, Italy, honored him, which is by far his most memorable meal. Ask him about it.
Your future 
can be better because Harry has witnessed what was once a complicated, highly skilled craft emerge into a technology which is available to anyone with a desktop computer that understands the concepts that
            — Harry can teach you
            — are easy to learn
            — once mastered can send you on your way
                 toward mastering a whole new world
            — are in his book Computer Color Graphics,
                 available in early 2000.
While you're not going to tackle your annual report, leave that and other high caliber projects to the professional designers, you'll be amazed at what you'll know and what you can do, so easily through Harry's workshop. 


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