Effective Technical Presentations
Technical talks don’t have to be dull or boring. They can be lively, enlightening, creative, dramatic, impressive, interactive, audience-centered and memorable. By combing the basic elements of Effective Presentation Skills and focusing on the three goals and ten strategies of informative speaking, this workshop helps participants implement the tools and techniques used by successful technical presenters.

A Model Day and-1/2 Program Outline

Essentials of Technical Presentations

Technical Presentations in Action
  • Program Overview
  • Baseline presentation (videotaped)
  • Consciousness and Communication
  • Communication Cornerstones
  • Getting Comfortable from the Outset
    Controlling and Managing Nervous
    Personal and Professional Credibility
    A Professional Presence
  • Establishing Goals, Centering on your Audience, Identifying Your Purpose
  • Getting your Audience Involved and Participating
  • Using the Presentation Format
    Introduction, Core, Conclusion, Q & A
    Selecting the Best Supporting Materials and Evidence
    Dos and Don’ts when Answering Questions
    Impromptu Presentations
  • Designing Low and High Technology Visual Aids
  • Implementing a Variety of Instructional Media
  • Establishing a Learning Environment 
  • Identifying Your Informative Goals
  • Integrating the Ten Informative Strategies
  • Delivery Skills
    Vocal dos and don’ts
    Visual dos and don’ts
    Using visual aids dos and don’ts


Participants deliver two technical presentations integrating audience involvement and participation, visual aids and questions and answer sessions. Both are videotaped and critically analyzed by the presenter, the program participants, and the workshop leader.

During the workshop participants are provided with tools and techniques for enhancing their presentation skills. At several intervals, attendees work in small groups practicing formats and delivery techniques. Each receives a comprehensive binder with tip sheets for enhancing their overall future presentation style.

An optional follow-up1/2 day or day can be scheduled after the conclusion of the program for individuals who want to continue to work on organization, format development and delivery skills. Participants presentations are videotaped and analyzed.

Custom designing the workshop to address corporate and participant objectives is recommended.

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