Creative and Logical Problem-solving Skills
In business, as well as, in everyday life, many problems demand immediate attention. Problems that go unattended in any division or department create even bigger problems down the road. In sales unsolved problems prevent new, expanded and residual sales from ever occurring. In customer service communication, unhappy customers find new suppliers. Problems in the supply chain, if not resolved, cause havoc in the manufacturing process. This list goes on and on. This workshop is designed to increase the participant's consciousness,awareness, comfort zone and effectiveness in developing better solutions by using creative and logical problem-solving time-proven methods and skills that work better than other less organized systems.

A Model One-Day Program Outline

  • Overview and Basic Introduction
  • Consciousness in Skill Development
  • Identifying Goals for the Session
  • Differences between Creative and Logical Problem-solving
  • Creative Problem-solving
  • Creative Problem-solving exercises
  • Decision-making Exercises
  • Logical Problem-solving Model
    Definition of the Problem
    Problem Analysis
    Fact Finding
    Criteria Setting
    Proposing Alternative Solutions
    Decision-making-Selecting Solutions
    Establishing a Plan of Action
    Checking the Effectiveness of the Plan
  • Application of Logical Problem-solving Model to a Relevant Problem
  • Program Summary and Wrap-up
Participants receive comprehensive custom training manuals, a list of recommended reading materials, and optional session videotapes for further review. This program is customized to fit corporate and participant needs. Future follow-up sessions are also available for those who want to continue to improve their skills.

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