Media Presentation Skills

Whether it's a request for a personal opinion response, an on-the-job interview, a feature or headline story, a guided visit to your property, an investigative report, or a crisis situation, most hard-working, unsuspecting, dedicated professionals haven't the fainted idea of what they will face or when they will be face-to-face with a local newspaper, radio, or television reporter or a national media blitz. Nor are they prepared to answer a barrage of quickly-fired, in-your-face questions that the average unsuspecting professional ends up stumbling over.

Media Presentation Skills explores the range of possible scenarios and provides individualized practice for participants providing tools and techniques to effectively communicate and manage a face-to-face meeting with the media.

A Model One-Day Program Outline

  • Overview of Program
  • Communicating with the Media
  • Communication Apprehension
  • Defining Pre-interview and Interview
    Ground Rules
  • Identifying Your 4 Goals
  • Identifying the Reporter’s (Media) Goals
  • Format for Handling the Q & A
  • Effective and Ineffective Responses to Questions
  • Developing a Key Message Strategy
  • Preplanning for Interviews
    TV, Radio, Newspaper Reporter
  • Delivery Skills
    Tips for Handling Nervousness
    Building Professional and Personal Credibility
    Tips for Effective Visual Cues
    Tips for Effective Vocal Cues
    Effective Ways to Use Visual Aids
  • Project:
    Practice Session
    Post Performance Analysis
  • Program Wrap-up
All participants receive a comprehensive program binder with detailed information on topics and issues covered in the workshop. Individual participant videotaping and analysis is recommended. Individualized one-on-one sessions are also available. All programs are customized to fit organizational needs and goals.

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