Interpersonal Communication Skills for Women
As much as 95% of all business communication is interpersonal communication. For this reason, effectiveness requires more than consciousness about the spoken words. What’s communicated visually, personally, and especially relationally counts much more. In addition, we know men and women have learned to communicate through two different socialization processes. The differences in styles can sometimes help or hurt women at work. This interactive workshop is designed to increase women’s consciousness and interaction choices by using a variety of effective communication tools and techniques and structured learning experiences.

A Model One-Day Program Outline

  • Overview and Basic Introduction
  • The Communication Process
  • Functional versus Dysfunctional Styles
  • Communication Style Inventory and Profile
  • The Perceptual Process and Its Effect on Relationships
  • Communication Style Differences
  • Gender Awareness Quiz
  • Credibility
  • Professional Presence and Image Management
  • Differences in Speaking Styles, Listening Patterns, Behavioral Patterns
  • Closing the Communication Gap at Work
  • Presenting the Right Professional Image
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Presentation Style
  • Getting to the Point, Handling Interruptions
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Powerful versus Powerless Communication
  • Tips on What Women Need to Do in the Business World When Working With Men
  • Wrap-up and Program Evaluation
At the workshop participants receive a training manual and communication tips sheets, and a list of recommended reading material in interpersonal communication. Trainees can be video-taped and analyzed and participate in self-analysis during the session.

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